Website Design:
Your Online Adventure Starts Here

Website Design should bring together your branding, vision, and mission with the goal of generating leads. This is where we come in! We have the passion and the skills to make the magic happen, that is why we are known as the gurus! We weave a combination of creativity, technical aspects, and clever content to produce into a magnetic site that attracts quality leads! Our tapestry of skills will ensure you outshine your competitors online.

The technicalities involve the process of designing, building, producing and maintaining a website. Many different skills combined ensure a successful website. Graphic designers will come up with the look and feel or branding of a website. Then a website designer will build the actual structure or ‘physical’ website online.

The website design will include a back end and a front-end. The back end is where all the planning and information input happens, and this is how a website is maintained. The front-end is how the website appears online to users. The finished or outward product, so to speak. The content is usually created by a copy writer that will consider all your website needs to contain in order to communicate effectively what the site is about.

Finally, an SEO practitioner or website developer will be responsible for adding in the technical elements on and off site that allows this site to be ranked properly by Google. We do all this and more!

website design



Website Design is a
creative combination of elements

When you outsource us to build or create your site, we will take into consideration a number of factors in order to produce the best website possible. We take great pride in building and delivering stunning and built-for-optimisation sites! Our team is passionate about all things digital and our designers have a creative flair that is both innovative and unique. We do not do cookie-cutter websites! We treat each project individually and take the time to best understand our clients before touching the website design!

We bring
web design to life.


Design Considerations

Our team takes the time to understand the client’s business, vision, mission, and brand identity. We take all of this information into account when we build the website.
Clients are welcome to browse sites they are drawn to as inspiration for us. Typically, we understand which themes or layouts will work best for each client and present this as the initial layout.
Art Direction
Our graphic designers ensure that all visual elements, content, and images are complementary and that the overall look and feel is professional and ‘artistically’ pleasing.
We build sites by using WordPress which allows us the ability to customise as based on your needs. If there is something you would like your website to achieve, we can build it in.
We are upfront with our pricing. We tailor what you need to our pricing and provide market related quotes for responsive websites.
We highly recommend that if your business has services or products you can sell, you add an online shop. eCommerce is a big driver in sales and can easily be integrated into your website.
Our designers and copy writer have a keen eye for detail, whether that means slightly off text alignment, the wrong shade of a colour or a spelling error – we fix it before you see it!
Search Engine Optimisation
The websites we build are SEO-friendly. We take into consideration, the very important factors of site speed, indexing and more! We do not leave home without our SEO hats on!
We only build sites that are responsive! This means your website is guaranteed to display properly on desktop, mobile and tablet formats.

If you like what you read, reach out to the gurus, reach out to us! Contact us for quote today. We are more than happy to quote you on your website needs.