eCommerce Website Professionals

We can build your eCommerce website, as this forms part of our comprehensive service offering. Online shopping has come a long way since the first eCommerce sale happened in 1994. Now, online shops are commonplace, and customers want to shop online due to convenience and instant gratification – no matter the time of day and night.

If you offer products or services, your website should be built with an online store. This ensures you never lose valuable sales. This will also attract potential customers as they browse your site and find that you offer an online shopping option.

We can help you better manage your eCommerce website too!

In addition to us building your online shop, we can help you manage your eCommerce functions better too. This forms part of our awesome service offering when we build an eCommerce website for you. We can help and advise you on:
  1. How to calculate your distribution rates
  2. How to place your call to action across your website to maximise click through actions to the online shop
  3. The forms of payment that are best to accept online
  4. What needs actioning to set a payment gateway in place
  5. Whether to use PayFast or PayPal as your payment gateway
  6. Which marketing channels will work best to promote your online store
  7. Integrating your online store with your social media platforms
  8. How to integrate your online store with your accounting system
  9. Using email marketing to promote online sales
  10. How to brand your general email communications to drive online sales
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Ecommerce Basics

Online shopping offers various businesses, of any size, the opportunity to increase leads, convert leads into sales and add to their annual turnover. We have seen time and time again, how in times of crisis, our clients who had online stores managed to keep their heads above the water. Having an online platform for clients to shop on is more than a nice-to-have for your business, it is a necessity.

Why use an online shop?

You can better serve your customers by offering an online shopping platform. This provides them with convenience as they can purchase goods or services at any time of the day or night.

Is it easy to manage?

An eCommerce website is relatively easy to manage. One person can manage a simple solution, or an entire department can be allocated to a bigger platform. It all depends on your needs and the demand that exists.

Security Concerns

Some business owners may have security concerns about eCommerce, and rightly so. Online payments are susceptible to fraud and other security infringements. Follow these basic security tips to keep your site protected:

  • Use strong passwords
  • Ensure you enable HTTPS by purchasing an SSL certificate
  • Use a secure eCommerce platform
  • Never store sensitive or personal data – ever
  • Make use of reputable website monitoring tools
  • Take cyber security seriously and evaluate potential problems and loopholes that may arise often and address them as soon as possible

If you require an online store, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team to discuss your specific needs. We look forward to your call or email.